LC-130 SKI Bird Nose Art
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December 10, 2006

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Below is a Gallery of Antarctic Ski Bird Nose Art.

Send me your Photo's

If you have any C-130 Nose Art that you would like to contribute to this site, please email me the digital or scanned images or mail photographs to me and I will scan them and send them back to you. Please include a brief background and description about the pictures you send.  I will give you full credit for all images added to this site.

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All Aircraft Histories were extracted from the book, Lockheed Hercules, Patrick Stephens Limited, 1985, By Francis K. Mason



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LC-130F 148321, 59-5925 (C/N 3567)
Many Thanks to


  C-130 Nose Art returned in 1998 with the US Navy's Antarctic Development Squadron SIX (VXE-6) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Originally VX-6 (VX-6 web site), the LC-130s were painted with nose art from their first use 1960 until sometime in the mid-to-late 1970's. That's when the National Science Foundation took over "ownership" of all facets of the program - Доставка цветов в Новороссийске florafox. During the 1998-1999 Austral deployment season, we painted the noses of our aircraft to commemorate the Navy's last year of service to the US Antarctic Program.

Contributed by:
Gary Ivarson
Former (and last) Command Master Chief of VXE-6
San Diego CA

  LC-130F 148319, 59-5923 (C/N 3564)
Betty Boop JD-19, XD-07
History: VX-6, NAS Point Mugu, California ('JD-19', 1969); damaged at Dome Charlie, Antartica, 15-1-75, when Jato unit broke loose during take-off, repaired and flown out, 25-12-76; VXE-6, Christchurch, New Zealand ('XD-07', 1980-81).

 LC-130R 159130, 73-0840 (C/N 4516)
Chilly  XD-03
History: Flown by VXE-6 for NSF, Christchurch, New Zealand, for Operation Deep Freeze, 1975-82.

 LC-130F 148320, 59-5924 (C/N 3565)
Pete XD-06
History: VX-6, NAS Point Mugu, California, 1969; crashed at Dome Charlie, Antarctica, 4-11-75, repaired and flown out, 26-12-76; VXE-6,    Christchurch, New Zealand ('XD-6', 1981)

321snow.jpg (38837 bytes)

LC-130F 148321, 59-5925 (C/N 3567)
Phoenix JD-18, XD-03
History: VX-6, NAS Point Mugu, California, 1969; force landed at Care Four, 750 miles from McMurdo after JATO unit broke loose and struck aircraft, 4-12-71; repaired 1972.
Contributed by:
Gary Ivarson

Center photo- All that was visible of 148321 in deep snow (note propeller tips) after it had crashed in Antarctica when a JATO bottle tore loose during take-off. Despite the remote crash site the Hercules was repaired and rejoined VX-6 (US Navy, via Robert F. Dorr).

Bottom Photo
Avionics engineer John Kooloos works under a C-130 Hercules that was heavily damaged when it crashed during takeoff from an Antarctic airfield in 1971. The Lockheed cargo plane was dug out of its icy tomb and flown to Christchurch, New Zealand.  With the 10 million salvage effort completed, it is expected to return to the United States within days after test flight.
From the Stars and Strips European edition, AP June 27, 1989

0493ski_tn.jpg (4177 bytes)
0493ski2_tn.jpg (3806 bytes)0493ski3_tn.jpg (3624 bytes)
0493ski4_tn.jpg (3988 bytes)

LC-130H, Ski Hercules, Pride of Scotia, 83-0493, (CN 5016),
New York Air National Guard
139 TAS

Photo by

LC-130H 92-1095 (C/N 5405) 
City of Cohoes
New York Air Guard

Photo by

LC-130H Raven Gang 
Unknown Serial number
New York Air Guard

If you have any updated information on the history's for any of these Herks please email me.

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