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December 12, 2006

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Send me your Photo's

If you have any C-130 Nose Art that you would like to contribute to this site, please email me the digital or scanned images or mail photographs to me and I will scan them and send them back to you. Please include a brief background and description about the pictures you send.  I will give you full credit for all images added to this site.

Contribute Your Photographs Here



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C-130H, 92-3021, (C/N 5312)
910th Airlift Wing, Youngstown, Ohio
Air Force Reserve Command

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Photos Contributed by Gregory Palcich

C-130E 62-1862 (C/N 3826)
History: 778th TAS, 1968; 464th TAW, 1968-70; 115th TAS, California ANG, 1974-81.
146th Airlift Wing California Air National Guard, Channel Islands ANG Station (Hollywood Guard)
MAFFS Fire Fighting Mission Bird. This bird is a welcome site for all Forestry Service fire fighters.

C-130E 62-1833 (C/N 3796)
History: 464th TCW, 1964; 4442d CCTW, 1965-66; 316th TAW, 1968; 115th TAS, California ANG.

C-130E 62-1801 (C/N 3755)
18th TCS, 516th TCW, circa 1967; 115th TAS, California ANG, 1976-81
Thunderbird Support
Herk. Hollywood Air Guard

1431_riang1.jpg (95633 bytes)
1431_riang2.jpg (123608 bytes)

Rhode Warriors, 99-1431, C-130J-30 (CC-130J),
143 AW, Rhode Island Air National Guard

"From A's to J's"

Close-up view of Rhode Warriors

The FIRST  USAF C-130J-30

Note: The C-130J-30 is now designated by the USAF as a CC-130J

Jim John Photos

Pittsburgh AFRC, C-130H  911th AW 
86-0413, (C/N 5100) Pirates

0411steelers_tn.jpg (2930 bytes) C-130H 86-0411
(CN 5097) Pittsburgh AFRC, 911th AW

C-130H, 91-1233, (C/N 5283) 165th AS
Kentucky Air National Guard
Thoroughbred Express

Photos By Anton S.

 C-130H,  94-7318, (C/N 5392) 731 AS 302d AW,
Colorado Air Force Reserve
City of Durango

Photos By Jim John

Photos by
C-130H 80-0321 (C/N 4902)
 165th AW Georgia Air National Guard

78-0813_tn.jpg (3833 bytes) C-130H 78-0813 (C/N 4823)
Okie Guard Dog
History: Delivered July 1979. 185th TAS, 137th TAW, Oklahoma ANG, 1979-81

C-130H, 78-0812 (C/N 4822)
City of El Reno, Oklahoma Air National Guard
Photo by

Desert Shark
63-7837, C-130E (C/N 3907)
History: 438th MAW, 1968; 516th TAW, 1969-72; 17th TAS, 1976-81.
Desert Storm
Photos by Robert Huberty, SMSgt Ret. 

Photos by
C-130H 78-0809 (C/N 4819) 
Oklahoma Air National Guard

C-130A 56-0493
Arizona Air National Guard

1461a.jpg (96196 bytes)1461b.jpg (133280 bytes)

"Lets Roll", 2001-1461, CC-130J, 146 AW, California Air National Guard

"From Jenny's to C-130J's"
1924 - Present

9106_910aw_unveil_tn.jpg (10464 bytes)
9106_910aw_tn.jpg (12121 bytes)

C-130H 89-9106,
(CN 5223), 910th AW


RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany (AFIE) -- Tech. Sgt. John Sharman, from the 86th Maintenance Squadron here, applies an emblem titled 'Spirit of 9-11, Let's Roll!' to a C-130 Hercules aircraft March 18. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. David Underwood)

This aircraft nose art design will be displayed on various aircraft throughout the Air Force as a way of recognizing the heroes and victims of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. (Graphic by Senior Airman Duane White)


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