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June 02, 2006

AL-AIN, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
1st DAWg, 1630 TAW

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     The return of  United States Air Force C-130 Nose Art began here in the Desert. Our unit the 435th Tactical Airlift Wing (1st DAWg, 1630 TAW Provisional) from Rhein Main Air Base, Germany deployed to Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The idea for the nose art started with Crew Chief's Sgt Johnny Narro, SSgt Frank Wells and myself SSgt Stephen Sutton.  The first drawings were made with colorful artists chalk - доставка цветов в Ульяновске, much to the dismay of higher headquarters management.  But chalk wasn't permanent and the humid gulf sea climate was taking its toll on our nose art. We needed something permanent, paint.  My aircraft was the first plane scheduled to fly back home to Rhein Main AB for heavy maintenance, so I flew home with it.  My mission was to be with my family, and to purchase some paint.

     In Germany I visited the four seasons store and purchased artists acrylics paint and brushes.  Oh' and of course I filled the much needed orders for adult beverages and beer for my friends back at Al-Ain.  The first hercules to be painted with the nose art was 8240 Payback Time, the Crew Chief was SSgt Frank Wells, then my airplane 1271 Sand Shark was painted next.  Most of the colorful chalk designs were made by SSgt James Pitts, who was a Fuels Systems Specialist, some of these chalk designs were finished out with a clear coat lacquer spray paint.   Basically all the Crew Chiefs designed there own nose art.  Sadly, all the  nose art designs were removed before the Desert Storm campaign began in 1991. I was a Crew Chief and Master Instructor for HC/MC/WC/EC/C-130E/H/P/N/M/J Lockheed Hercules Aircraft.

Nose art on C-130 aircraft has become even more popular, and to this day I've seen many examples of painted and decaled nose art.

Keep checking back monthly to see new nose art photos.

Cheers, Stephen Sutton
MSgt, USAF Ret.

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     If you have any C-130 Nose Art that you would like to contribute to this site, please email me the digital or scanned images or mail photographs to me and I will scan them and send them back to you. Please include a brief background and description about the pictures you send.  I will give you full credit for all images added to this site. E-mail me at the link below

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Bull Dog  70-1274 Bull Dog, Painted by
Crew Chief: SSgt Phil Johnson

Bull Dog1

  History: (C/N 4429) 464th TAW, 1971-73; 317th TAW (Playboy Bunny, later named Easter Bunny; was first aircraft to Hanoi after truce, 27-1-73) 1973-77; 37th TAS, 1977-81

Sand Shark
Sand Shark1
Ninja Turtle
Sand Shark

70-1271 Sand Shark, Drawn by Sgt Johnny Narro, Dedicated Crew Chief: SSgt Stephen Sutton

History: (C/N 4425) 464th TAW, 1971-73; 317th TAW (U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand, 1973) 1973-77; 37th TAS, 1977-82

The Sand SharkThat's MeMe Again!!
That's me in front of Sand Shark painted in acrylics, The Sand Shark sits back on the beach with his "Life's a Beach" hat and of course drinking an 1878 Beer.

Photo contributed by  Paul Jarvis

Artist Sgt Johnny Narro, Painted By Crew Chief SSgt Stephen Sutton with Acrylics.

Ninja Turtle1
donatello.jpg (28303 bytes)

69-6582 Donatello Ninja Turtle,
Drawn By SSgt James Pitts,
Crew Chief SSgt Tim Peters (

History: (C/N 4359) 61st TAS, 64th TAW, 1970; 314th TAW, 1973-76; 317th TAW, 1976; 37th TAS, 435th TAW, 1977-82

The Painted Version

Dust DevilDust Devil1

Photo by Aaron M. Kreager

68-10947 Dust Devil,
Chalk Painted by James Pitts,
Crew Chief: SSgt Terry Burnham (

History: (C/N 4327) 64th TAW, 1969-70; 314th TAW, 1973-76; 317th TAW, 1976-77; 37th TAS, 1977-81.

Photo by  Paul Jarvis

The Desert Phoenix
The Desert Phoenix1

Photo by  Paul Jarvis

Tail Number 64-0502, 
The Desert Phoenix,
Crew Chief, SSgt Jeff McCoy, 
Drawn by SSgt James Pitts.

History: (C/N 3986 ) 464th TAW, 1968-73; 317th TAW, 1976-80; 435th TAW, 1980-81

The Following was contributed by then TSgt Jon Nagy.
Sgt Les Staadt was the Crew Chief responsible for reincarnating 0502 after it hit Al Ain and broke a condition lever cable after shut down and became a forward supply point from August til Dec'90.  They canned the crap out of that pig.  When I arrived @ Al Ain I was assigned with Les to get the "Phoenix" together and fly again--thus the name. 

Photos by  Paul Jarvis

Sand Surfer

Photo by  Paul Jarvis

The Sand Surfer, Tail Number 69-6583 The Crew Chief was SSgt Michael Brunney, Nose Art  By SSgt Jim Pitts 

History: (C/N 4360 ) 314thTAW, 1973-76; 317th TAW, 1976-77; 37th TAS, 1977-82

It's Payback Time

Photo by Aaron M. Kreager
Payback Time

      64-18240 Payback Time, 
Painted by SSgt James Pitts, 
Crew Chief SSgt .

History: (C/N 4105) Replacement for 64-0546 (C/N 4039), diverted from USAF order to Sweden. 464th TAW, 1968-73; Cambodia Resupply Operation (Thi Am, Bird Air), 1974; 317th TAW, 1975; 62d MAW, 1978; 435th TAW, 1979-81

Testors Model Company has released a 1/72nd scale model kit featuring this Noseart.

Photos by  Paul Jarvis

Hercules Sunset

Early Sunset at Al-Ain UAE.

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