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June 05, 2006

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If you have any C-130 Nose Art that you would like to contribute to this site, please email me the digital or scanned images or mail photographs to me and I will scan them and send them back to you. Please include a brief background and description about the pictures you send.  I will give you full credit for all images added to this site

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Belgium 20th Annv
CH-05 71-1801 (C/N 4470)
History: Delivered 3 November 1972; No 20 Sqn, 15 Wing, BAF, Melsbroek, 1973-81.
Photo Taken 1992

xv215.jpg (22589 bytes)

The Fat Slags
 XV215, 66-8565 (C/N 4242) 
History: Delivered 11-11-67 to Marshall; No 24 Sqn, RAF, 1968; Lyneham Wing, 1975-82. Delivered to the RAAF 2003.

xv292.jpg (50211 bytes)

Dennis the Menace
 XV292, 66-13535 (C/N 4257) 
History: Delivered 8-2-68 to Marshall; No 47 Sqn, RAF, 1968; No 48 Sqn, 1970; Lyneham Wing, 1971-80. Recently delivered to the Mexican Air Force.  

XV292 Again 
C-130K C MARK 1
Anniversary Herk

xv297.jpg (35694 bytes)

 XV297, 66-13540, (C/N 4263) 
History: Delivered 22-3-68 to Marshall; No 30 Sqn, RAF, 1969; No 40 Sqn, 1970; No 242 OCU; Lyneham Wing, 1974-81.

Use to deliver the body of Rudolf Hess, the former deputy leader of the Nazi party under Hitler, who died in suspicious circumstances at Spandau prison in Berlin on 17 August 1987. The body was transferred from British Military Hospital to RAF Gatow and then flown to the USAF base a Grafnwohr, nearest the airfield to the Hess family home at Wunsiedel.

xv306.jpg (27045 bytes)

 XV306, 66-13549, (C/N 4274) 
History: Delivered 1-5-68 to Marshall; No 30/47 Sqns, RAF, 1969-70; Lyneham Wing, 1974-81

Betty Boob
 XV206 C-130K 66-8556, (C/N 4231) 
History: Delivered 9-9-67 to Marshall; No 48 Sqn, RAF, 1968; Lyneham Wing, 1971-80.

XV192 C Mk 1(K) , 65-13037 (C/N 4212)
History: Delivered 15-5-67 to Marshall; No. 36 Sqn, RAF, 1967; No 70 Sqn (Horatius) 1970; Lyneham Wing, 1974-81; wing damaged by fire, but repaired, 1981. Became fourth C Mk 1(K) tanker, 1982 (mod by Marshall).

CH-02, 15th Wing
30th Anniversary
71- 1798 (C/N 4460)
History: Delivered 26 July, 1972; No 20 Sqn, 15 Wing, BAF, Melsbroek, 1972-81.
Belgium Air Force

c130h_ch_02_30years_badge_01_tn.jpg (5908 bytes)

ch04-640_tn.jpg (14692 bytes)CH-04-640-1_tn.jpg (17540 bytes)
CH-04 CN 4467_tn.jpg (4979 bytes)

C130H, CH-02, Belgium Air Force
Pictures taken at Koksijde Airbase (EBFN), Belgium, July 4, 1993
Photos by:

Update: Sad News
8 May 2006,
A Belgian Air Force C130 (reg: CH-02) was destroyd in a fire at Brussels Airport. A maintenance hangar (from Sabena Technics) was on fire and destroyd 4 planes, 3 A320 and one C130.
The Belgian Air Force is seeking for an replacement aircraft.

C-130B 401 (C/N 3724)
South African AF
History: No 28 Sqn, SAAF, Waterkloof, Tranvall, 1965-80
Delivered 1963-64

Kiwi_TWAT_tn.jpg (9785 bytes)

C-130H Kiwi Herk
Unknown serial number

British Herk

An interesting shot of a British Herk XV207 in Dubai UAE 1990, Note the Flight Mechanic on the wing behind the #1 running engine. This practice is strictly forbidden in the USAF, so I had to take a picture of this as proof.

Engine Running

History: XV207, 66-8557 (C/N 4232) Delivered 22-9-67 to Marshall; No 48 Sqn, RAF, 1968; A&AEE, Bascombe Down, Lyneham Wing, 1975, Became C Mk 3, 1981 (Mod by Marshall)

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