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Contributed by SMSgt Jim Esbeck, ANG Ret. Crew Chief 57-0529

Photos of C-130B 57-0529 that served with the 162nd Fighter Wing Arizona Air National Guard as a replacement to C-130A 56-0493 as an Operational Support Aircraft (OSA) at the Tucson International Airport from 1990-1992.? The "City of Tucson" logo over the crew-entrance door continued on 529 and was admired by people wherever we went.? It depicts the desert terrain with mountains and the stately saguaro cactus.

The 162nd FW C-130 OSA program ended in 1992 and C-130B 57-0529 was in-turn transferred to the Ecuadorian Air Force where it is still serving that country.

Photo 3 was taken at Eielson AFB Alaska in 1991 with our 162nd FW crew consisting of from left-to-right:? MSgt Mike Delaney, Loadmaster, TSgt Randy Patterson, Flight Engineer, LTC Jan Cooper, Aircraft Commander, LTC Rick Roberts, pilot, MSgt Jim Esbeck, Crew-Chief.

The first picture of C-130A 56-0493 that is located at Davis-Monthan AFB Heritage Park air museum.? This fine aircraft served with the 162nd FW Arizona Air National Guard from 1986-1990 as an Operational Support Aircraft located at Tucson International Airport.? It was selected to be a C-130 display aircraft for Davis-Monthan AFB after it was "retired" to AMARC storage facility.? The Tucson Air Guard prepared and repainted the aircraft before it was officially put on display.? The logo over the crew entrance door depicts "The City of Tucson" and was painted by 162nd FW Graphic artists and recreated when 493 was put in the Davis-Monthan AFB Heritage Park air museum.? She is proudly displayed and visited and photographed by many admirers.

During Operation Desert Storm, the USAF needed some 4-bladed Hamilton-Standard propellers as they were being damaged by operations in the field.? AMARC removed all the propellers and sent them to the USAF.? That left 493 with NO propellers and that was a problem for the Heritage Park air museum.? The Tucson Air Guard worked with AMARC and "borrowed" four 3-bladed propellers from a C-130D Ski Aircraft that was input to AMARC from the New York ANG.? They were installed on 493 and she now looks just like it did when it came off the Lockheed assembly line in 1956 with the Aeroproducts 3-bladed propellers. A proud contribution to the history of the C-130 aircraft.

PS-? I am now a retired SMSgt from the Tucson ANG and live in Tucson.? I frequently stop by to see this great aircraft on display and say "hello old friend".

C-130B, 56-0493, (C/N 3101)
The City of Tucson
Heritage Park, DMAFB
Photo by
57-0529 Parked at 162nd FW Tucson International Airport Arizona
Photo by
57-0529 Taken at Eielson AFB Alaska in 1991
Photo by
Walkaround Photos of 56-0493

Photos by Stephen Sutton

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